Our fully automatic commercial mini donut machines are extremely competitively priced. The machines are produced to a high standard within the EU and have full CE certification.

Please contact us for correct prices for your individual country.

We prefer payment in Euros but we can also accept PAYPAL payments. PAYPAL payments will be charged an additional administration fee.

1) We need to know what you would like to order. We need to know if you are making a purchase through a registered business or as a private individual. We need the full name of the purchaser, billing address, shipping address if different from the billing address, a contact person, contact telephone number and VAT number if you have one.
Any purchases from outside of the European Economic Zone should be exempt of VAT. (This may not be the case in every country i.e. Croatia, Albania, etc)
The person receiving the shipment is legally obliged to pay Import Duty and any additional taxes that may be levied. THE IMPORTER WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY THIS WHEN THE SHIPMENT ARRIVES IN YOUR COUNTRY.
These taxes vary from country to country so please check with your relevant authorities.
We are not responsible for paying your import tax, VAT or any additional handling or storage charges that may be levied in your own country, nor are we responsible for knowing what these taxes (amounts) are.
We strongly advise that you check with the relevant authority in your own country to establish your tax position.

2) On receipt of your order details we will provide you with a pro forma invoice which will include all our relevant business details and bank details. You should check that the order details are correct.
We require payment in full before we ship any orders unless you have a pre-agreed arrangement with us.

3) On receipt of payment we shall contact you and advise of a shipping schedule. A full VAT invoice will be dispatched with your order.

4) Once the goods have been shipped we can usually provide you with shipping numbers which can be used for tracking your goods.

We always advise our customers to take out insurance to cover the machine for loss or damage. We can arrange this on your behalf with our shipping partners. We will quote for this and will take out insurance if you are in agreement. Insurance is not always available to certain countries.

We make no profit from shipping and always try and get the best price for customers. Shipping rates do change. Our shipping partners generally offer discounted rates when shipping larger quantities. We have very good rates for shipping pallets accross Europe.

Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.